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What is Brand Jot?

  Brand Jot is the leading brand monitoring service providing daily email reports with all of your brand mentions from all major search engines, blogs, social media channels, news networks, RSS feeds, discussion boards, press releases, forums, product reviews, professional networks, questions and answers sites, consumer reports and more - all in one email a day. Unlike other specialized services which focus only on a few channels, we provide you with the last 24 hours mentions every day from every online channel saving you time and money daily.

Who uses Brand Jot?

  Brand managers, marketing managers, business managers, business owners, marketing consultants... and others who want to get an ongoing daily brand insight without wasting time on browsing online every day to look for their latest brand mentions and activities.

How does it work?

  The Brand Jot team works 24/7 by using unique mix of approaches to find your brand mentions wherever they appear online.

Our online brand monitoring methodologies include the use of sophisticated automated web applications as well as manual searches to monitor your brand on a continuous basis.

Once a day we email you the links to all your brand mentions we found in the last 24 hours so you are always informed about your brand activities. You can quickly review your brand mentions and visit the pages of interest simply by clicking the link in your email.

No need for searching and browsing online and paying for expensive and complex tools which costs you a lot of time and money to find your online brand mentions.

How is Brand Jot different?
The Brand Jot brand monitoring service has been developed for busy professionals who want to get the highest quality brand insight without wasting hours in searching and browsing online or using complex brand monitoring tools.

Most services and tools available today have the following limitations:

1. They are specialized in only one or a few online channels. As a result they miss many important brand activities online.

2. They offer complex tools for real-time monitoring and reporting demanding time from users to get what they need.

Brand Jot covers every online channel from search engines, news portals, blogs, discussion boards and forums to every major social media channel relevant to your business like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Whether your brand has been mentioned in a product review site, or your competitors mention your brand, or your employees talk about your organization, or someone on LinkedIn asks question about your brand, someone tweets or posts on Facebook... we’ll get it for you.


The Importance of Brand Monitoring Online

Online brand monitoring has never been more important. Your customers, prospects and stakeholders research online, engage in conversations, visit social media sites daily and good and bad news is shared all the time. At the same time there are millions of places where your brand can be mentioned at anytime like blogs, websites, social media channels, search engines, forums, etc. Brand monitoring online is a time consuming and frustrating process however it is very important and crucial for brand management at the same time. This is where Brand Jot can help!

With the growth of social media communication and online marketing it is getting hard to keep up with all important developments. Not only that companies are not able to control all these channels but it is even a challenge for business and marketing managers to follow all the activities and mentions of their brands.

Save time and money and improve your brand insight by staying informed in less than one minute a day for all your important brand mentions, developments and activities. Having a reliable insight into your daily brand developments is a foundation for any serious brand management and effective marketing. When you know and follow all developments you can take charge of your brand proactively by engaging and answering any questions and act on any potential issues on time.

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